k i r s t e n   e v e r i n k

My work is based on my intuitive reactions during the process.

I’m searching for the unpredictable

and the feeling

of a potential discovery.

My inspiration comes from

impressions of the everyday life,

how I feel and

what I see in my mind.

My visual language is very personal,

but at the same time universal.

It’s all about energy,

emotions and perspective

which should be constantly

in movement. Because of

the relation between colors,

shapes and contrast,

by means of rhythm and balance

and the physical and

psychological process

of painting, each painting develops

in a unique expression.

Using visual suggestions,

I try to send the viewer in an

imaginary landscape,

in a colorful,

dynamic world that hovers in an

organic abstraction.

'no title' 2017, 180 x 120 cm, oil on canvas

@ AKI Artez, Enschede, the Netherlands

Copyright @ All Rights Reserved